Medical Tourism Agency

Link4MED is a Medical Tourism Agency which will help you to organize your complete stay during your medical treatment.

We will support you through the entire process of medical tourism from appointment planning to the selection of extra services including international airfare, hotel accommodation, domestic transport, interpreters, translations, and visas, as well as activities such as excursions in Serbia, sports, restaurants, theatres, etc.

Makes medical travel simple and secure. We value deeply the satisfaction and comfort of our visitors.

Services for Patients

Services for Patients

Clinics & Hospitals

Services for Clinics & Hospitals



#1: Contact via Contact Form, Social networks, e-mail or Whatssup chat.

#2: After you send us your medical records, you will receive a Quote including your treatment plan, accommodation, transfers and a list of other related services you may choose from.

#3:  After you choose and accept the Offer for medical services, and upon the payment for an organization of travel services stated in your Offer, all necessary reservations will be made for you.

#4: On the day of your arrival, your Medical Tourism Facilitator will welcome you to Serbia. You will have your personal assistant throughout your stay.

#5: Following treatment and before you return home, you will receive a complete medical record. Your Doctor and your Medical Tourism Facilitator will be available after your arrival home for any assistance.


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