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Ask us anything

After You fill out the Contact Form, you will receive an e-mail message from Link4MED with some basic information and a request to send out some medical documentation.

After You fill out the Contact Form, you will receive an e-mail message from Link4MED with some basic information and a request to send out some medical documentation.

Emergency Cases

Emergency Cases

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Share your thoughts and fears.
We can give you all the information you need. It`s FREE.

Share your thoughts and fears.
We can give you all the information you need. It`s FREE.




All kind of IVF programs with own egg cells and partner sperm

Holistic Feritlity

Natural and different way to deal with your infertility problems

Erectile dysfunction

We can help you build your strength and confidence again

Plastic surgery

First class plastic surgery treatments in Turkey



Link4MED is the first organization in this region that wants to give you the opportunity to help yourself in best possible way. In this way, we want to help you, who have completely unexpectedly faced all the challenges of illness to reach the best possible doctors and medical institutions for your health.

Trying to keep treatments and programs we offer you affordable, we only choose the best doctors, the most renowned medical facilities, an innovative approach to diagnosis and treatment.

Every day we are expanding and improving our offer with better and better programs, and improving our work so that we can help you as much as possible. We listen to what you are looking for and what treatments you are interested in.




From IVF with ICSI method to Guaranteed IVF program

Egg donation

We can offer fresh and frozen egg donation programs

Surrogacy programs

All kind of surrogacy programs, with your genetic material to donor eggs and sperm

Infertility treatments

All kind of gynaecology surgeries and genetic screenings

Plastic Surgery Face

Innovative plastic surgery for face and neck from Turkey

Plastic Surgery Body

Most advanced, first class plastic surgery methods for your body

Plastic Surgery Hair

New methodology for hair transplantation with FUE

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Check Erectile Dysfunction Treatments that we can offer together with our partner clinics



#1: Contact us via Contact Form, Social networks, e-mail or Whatssup chat.

#2: After you send us your medical records, you will receive a Quote including your treatment plan, accommodation, transfers and a list of other related services you may choose from.

#3: After you choose and accept the Offer for medical services, and upon the payment for an organization of travel services stated in your Offer, all necessary reservations will be made for you.

#4: On the day of your arrival, your Medical Tourism Facilitator will welcome you to Serbia. You will have your personal assistant throughout your stay.

#5: Following treatment and before you return home, you will receive a complete medical record. Your Doctor and your Medical Tourism Facilitator will be available after your arrival home for any assistance.



Prices will vary based upon many factors including hospital, doctor`s experience, accreditation, currency exchange rates and more. Prices depends on your medical condition as well.

IVF with ICSI from 2,500 EUR
IVF with PGS from 5.500 EUR

IVF with sperm donation from 2.800 EUR

IVF with TESE/microTESE from 3.245 EUR
Guaranteed IVF program 8.650 EUR
FET 1.350 EUR
Combined IVF with own and donor oocytes from 6.000 EUR
Embro adoption 1.850 EUR

Budget egg donation 2.950 EUR

Egg donation with fresh oocytes from 5.000 EUR

Tandem IVF with own and donor oocytes from 6.000 EUR

Guaranteed Egg donation program 12.820 EUR

Regreso Therapy Season, 1 patient, up to 3 hours 50 EUR
Regreso Therapy Season, for couple, up to 3 hours 65 EUR

Individual psychotherapy, 1 seasson, 1 hour  30 EUR

Partner psychotherapy, 1 seasson, 1 hour  30 EUR

3PS – Support program for couples in Inferitlity, 6 seassons, 1,5 hours  100 EUR

Brazilian Butt Lift 3,990 – 6,900 EUR

Liposculpture 3,990 – 5,200 EUR

Facelifting 4,290 – 6,900 EUR

Neck Lifting 2,990 – 4,500 EUR

“I had problems with premature ejaculation and hardening for 15 years, I went to many doctors and they gave me drugs but it did not help at all Dr Berk Karatas, my teacher, used ED 1000 shock wave therapy applied 6 sessions without pain medication problems are over, I have a good sex life. Dr Berk, my teacher, thank you very much I especially recommend to everyone.”

“I had a hardening problem since about 1 year. At first I thought it was temporary. I was guessing it was business from stress. But even though it passed months, it did not pass. I walked around the internet. I saw the shock treatment. I watched the video of what this treatment was and Dr BERK KARATAS who was doing this treatment was unfamiliar to me .. I got this treatment in 3 weeks. I soon saw the fantastic effect. Dr Berk Karatas endless thanks ..”

“From the very first contact I had with Link4MED (Sanja), via the Link4MED website which was so helpful, and when I came to Serbia – everything was so well organized. Sanja’s professionalism in responding to requests, questions, and her knowledge of all to do with the procedures and the area was beyond exemplary. Sanja also provided information and contacts required for hotel arrangements. After I arrived in Serbia I was promptly met at the airport, quickly taken to my hotel where reservations had been made for me… Girls from Link4MED were there for me for all the time. I cannot say enough good things about everyone that I met. I enjoyed a company of nice people I saw some interesting tourist sights. I felt safe and I didn’t worry about anything. I took a few local products back home with me, to persuade my friends and family to go back to Serbia as a tourist in the future.”

“Throughout my procedure, I felt that these people know a lot about this matter, I was treated with a lot of care and compassion. I was nervous the whole way on the plane, but the minute I met you, girls, you completely put me at ease. Everyone was so attentive to all my needs, from Sanja answering all my many questions so patiently, to Maja who was so kind and helpful with a language barrier. I would absolutely recommend Link4MED to everyone I know. This whole process has been such a positive experience.”

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