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I know how You feel. I`ve been there. And there was nobody to help me find a right way to cure. To help me truly. To encourage. To be there for me all the time. To tell me where should I go and where to seek for a right treatment.
This is why I establish this Agency.
To be there for You.
To help You find the best possible solution.

Welcome to Link4MED,
Sanja Jovanovic

After You fill out the Contact Form, you will receive an e-mail message from Link4MED with some basic information and a request to send out some medical documentation. It usually takes a maximum of 48 hours after what You will receive an individual quote including your Medical Treatment plan, and proposal for Medical Facilitator services as well as air ticket, accommodation, transfer and other services you may choose to use.



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    Link4MED is a unique, patient-led service that manages every aspect of your treatment abroad. From the moment you get in touch, we provide general advice, support and a host of other benefits designed to make your trip as affordable and comfortable as possible.