How to choose IVF clinic?

6 May 2019 IVF

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Be very careful when choosing a clinic in which you would choose to do IVF – carefully look at the costs that the clinic offers to cover the cost of their treatments. The price advertised may vary slightly from the final price you will pay. This is not because clinics are unfair, but because different patients may need different procedures or drugs. For example, very often the price of a standard procedure does not include medication – it’s reasonable to think about it. There are situations in which the patient already has his own remedies, and then they should not be included in the costs of treatment.
Make sure you know the typical medication costs before choosing an IVF clinic. Remember to sum up all the costs that you think are irrelevant, such as blood tests, initial consultation, ICSI, donor eggs, or donor sperm costs, etc. It is a good idea to give a decent request for a full cost of treatment that would cover all the expenses that you need. This could ease the whole process.

IVF abroad – what are you paying for?

Check the clinic standards, staff experience and average success rate. Clinics that offer lower costs may have a lower rate of success than other clinics. Assess how well the clinic is friendly and can easily communicate with them. You can find a clinic that offers you everything you need for a good price and a clinic that offers better success rates, but at a slightly higher price. It’s up to you to find your median and right balance.
When comparing the prices, pay attention to:
  • Full price including everything you need (tests, medication, etc.)
  • Travel, transport, hotel and food costs
  • The value of the service you’re buying in comparison with other clinics
  • Special the offers offered by the clinic can save you money in the long run.
  • The waiting time

IVF clinic abroad – are there any waiting lists?

If you want to save money in an easy way, you can join the waiting list, pay less and wait for your turn. However, you can pay more and skip the line if time is a very important factor for you. Remember that in some waiting lists, the clinics are long and that you may need to wait a long time!

Treatment at IVF clinics abroad and travel costs

Payers seeking ovarian donation overseas forget to include in their planning travel and accommodation costs. They make the final price deviate from what we saw at the beginning. That’s why people often use this time to combine treatment with their holidays. Make your own budgets and check how much your treatment will cost you and plan all expenses in advance.

IVF at clinics abroad – additional advice.

If you do not have time to compare prices and research, you can consider the use of agency services or medical tourism agencies. They are skilled in organizing the best possible options at the best price. Do not allow your price tag to be the only indicator of your choice. Remember that you should not save money at the risk of your health. Do not forget to find your environment! Read what we can offer you HERE.

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