Why should your clinic register on Link4MED?

Possibility of finding the patients.

The promotion of your hospital is done by people who have a big experience in the marketing of medical services.

Cheaper advertising – for a smaller marketing budget, you will get a much greater distribution of advertising through our communication channels.

Travel&Accommodation organizing are done by professionals.

Possibility of co-working with other hospitals and clinics.

All communication with patients done by Link4Med with cooperation with you.

Possibility of preparing special campaigns for your clinic or hospital, which will be advertised through different channels.

Not to worry about your patients travel, accommodation or other activities.

What can we do for your business?

Link4Med will help you find patients, develop the marketing strategy, and take care of your patients needs along with the care you’re providing.

In this market, which has a public healthcare system that no longer function and a weak supply of private healthcare services, with approx. 17 mil. inhabitants, quality and affordable medical services your healthcare institution can offer is very interesting.

What services do we offer to our Partners?


  • Marketing Strategy for a Medical Business or a Medical Tourism Business including website, social network strategy, pricing consultation, and etc.
  • Marketing kit preparation
  • Digital Marketing Management
  • Doctor`s Reffereal system building


  • Presentation and representation of your hospital/clinic at fairs, manifestations, professional gatherings
  • Organization of Meetings/Events or pre-treatment consultations of a smaller type
  • On-line consultations with patients
  • Organization and participation of B2B meetings with other medical stuff, insurance companies, medical professionals, etc.

Marketing strategy for a Medical Business and a Medical tourism business

Accelerate your knowledge and understanding of what is involved, and how to design a comprehensive marketing strategy for a medical tourism business launch by developing a marketing, advertising, branding and digital marketing strategies for a health tourism business.

  • Featured Profiles
    On our website we provide the opportunity for your hospital, clinic or healthcare service to stand out in a given treatment or service area. Ad your business to our Directory.
  • Advertising:
    • Banner Advertising enables you to target specific treatments, promote your brand, highlight offers and generate traffic to your website;
    • We can promote and build your brand for you through “traditional“ media and marketing.
  • Digital Marketing:
    • We can create a web site, pages on social networks and do viral promotions for your hospital, clinic, practice or service;
    • We can create and deliver online content through your own and other healthcare web sites, through Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube channels. Create and deliver offline content using print and PDF materials to support your marketing and patient communication.

Preparing your Marketing kit

If you have decided to work with agents and referral partners to represent your brand to consumers and other buyers of health tourism services (insurers, employers, governments, etc.) you’ll find help to prepare the marketing materials, messaging guidelines, and talking points so that they align with and integrate your brand standards.

Other ONLINE services

  • Doctor referral Building;
  • We can tailor a package of promotion that will match the services that you wish to promote and your budget, large or small;
  • Complete Marketing Management.

Event presentation

We can design and present promotional acitivities on behalf of your clinic or your hospital at fairs, manifestations, professional gatherings throughout our ex-Yugoslavia region in the field of health and health tourism. Such presence of your hospital is of utmost importance for the formation of a brand and your place in a regular offer on this market.

Pre-treatment patient consultations

Organization of Meetings/Events or Pre-treatment consultations of a smaller type (for 8-15 people), initiated by your hospital, which will result in confidence building in patients based on the expertise of your physicians and associates.

Get in touch with us! Send us a message!

After specifying the desired activities, we will develop a detailed Activity Plan in accordance with your wishes. We can also create a detailed Budget Plan for marketing activities.