Organic Hair Transplatation

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How is organic hair transplantation performed?

A fluid rich in stem cells prepared from your own fat tissue is injected into the transplantation area. In this way, the application site has been increased to avoid a suitable area for transplantation and chemical injections that damage the follicles in a conventional hair transplant procedure. Healthy hair follicles collected from the donor site are transferred to a non-coarse area that is prepared and productive for application by our surgeon.

The advantages of organic hair transplantation

The stem cell transplant used in organic hair transplantation provides many benefits to the patient.

The advantages of stem cell injection used in organic hair transplantation are:

• The transplantation area becomes effective

• The hair transplant procedure becomes easier

• Provides a non-chemical process

• It feeds new hair follicles and increases the adhesion rate

• Provides up to 96% of the successful results in the hair transplant process

• Facilitates Growing lively, healthier and longer hair

Why organic hair transplantation?

In conventional hair transplanting processes, the focus is only a donor, healthy hair follicles. Grafts are obtained and transferred to the head area without hair. However, the fats are reduced in the bald areas, which then do not provide follicular hair. If you look at it better, you will see that the skin is closer to the bones and empty. Though you will transfer new hair follicles, the likelihood of success would be very low. Healthy follicles of people with baldness are their true treasure; Such an intervention will cause healthy hair follicles to die after hair transplantation. In addition, we know that the chemical that is injected into the bald skin for easier transplant transplantation and provides the convenience of a surgeon, damages healthy hair follicles.

Organic hair transplantation provides very important benefits at that moment. Injection of stem-rich fats prepared from the patient’s own fat makes the hair transplant easier and leads to a healthier scalp in the hairless area.

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