Budget Egg Donation Program


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About the Program

Couples from all over the world can catch the unique opportunity of becoming parents together with Intersono IVF clinic this fall. Considering that, we are extremely excited to inform you about our new Budget Egg Donation Program with vitrified donor oocytes for just 2950 €. 

You have the perfect chance to choose immediately available oocytes from our own extended Egg Donor Bank that includes over 5000 oocytes from the wide range of donors and start the treatment program for an exclusive price!


  • Initial consultation with fertility specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who will be in constant contact with you at all stages of your treatment).
  • Free 7-days access to broad Egg donor catalog with more than 5.000 oocytes from donors with different characteristics.
  • Vitrified oocyte donor selection process (1 set – 12 oocytes).
  • Personalized treatment plan for each patient.
  • Endometrial lining stimulation protocol.
  • Warming of vitrified oocytes.
  • Egg donor compensation.
  • The semen analysis and sperm preparation (it can be partner’s or donor’s sperm).
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) of thawed oocytes with partner’s or donor’s sperm.
  • Embryo cultivation.
  • Embryo transfer.
  • Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos.
  • Assistance with visa applications, hotel and travel arrangements.
  • 2 Airport Transfers and the complimentary city tour with a guide.
  • Patient support during and after the treatment program.

You will be provided with the access to the Egg Donor Catalog and all necessary information to start your journey to parenthood.

PRICE: 2.950 EUR

Hospital guarantee:

  1. 12 mature donor oocytes and at least one blastocyst for embryo transfer
  2. no waiting list, individual donor selection

Success Rate



Clinical Pregnacy Rate

* Clinical pregnancy rates depend on age and ovarian reserve, the patient’s individual response to the treatment and genetics

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