Combined IVF with own and donor oocytes


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Combined IVF with own and donor oocytes Program:

Once a fertility specialist confirms the possibility of the patient’s own stimulation, however, the expected ovarian response to hormonal stimulation, as well as the predicted number of retrieved oocytes is not high, the patients are offered to consider an option whereby embryos would be created out of their own oocytes, received after the stimulation and vitrified donor oocytes, available at our bank to avoid transfer cancellation due to the absence of embryos. The patient undergoes a regular stimulation and on the day of her egg retrieval, the embryologist warm the chosen by the patient donor vitrify donor oocytes. ICSI is performed with all patient’s and donors mature oocytes and the embryos are cultured in separate dishes until the transfer. On the day of the transfer the best quality embryos will be transferred.

The package also covers vitrification of the viable remaining embryos after the transfer as well as their storage for 12 months, 2 airport transfers, a guided city-walking tour.


  • Initial consultation with fertility specialist.
  • Personalised treatment planning for each patient.
  • Ultaround monitoring of ovarian stimulation.
  • Hormonal monitoring of ovarian activity.
  • Pretransfer lining preparation.
  • Warming of vitrified donor oocytes – if required ( in case of vitrified oocytes provision).
  • Or donor stimulation and egg collection procedure – if required ( in case of fresh oocytes provision).
  • General anaesthetic for the donor – if required.
  • Patient egg collection procedure.
  • General anaesthetic for the patient.
  • The semen analysis and sperm preparation.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) – if required.
  • Embryo culture of patient and donor embryos in separate culture dishes.
  • Egg donor compensation.
  • Embryo transfer.
  • Cryopreservation of embryos.
  • Embryo storage for one year.
  • Assistance with visa applications, hotel and travel arrangements.
  • 2 Airport Transfers and complimentary city tour with a guide.
  • Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos.
  • Patient support during and after the treatment program.

PRICE: 7.400 EUR

Success Rate



Clinical Pregnacy Rate

* Clinical pregnancy rates depend on age and ovarian reserve, the patient’s individual response to the treatment and genetics

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