IUI – Intrauterine Insemination in Serbia


IUI – Intrauterine Insemination

Intrauterine insemination is a method of medically assisted reproduction, which does not involve In vitro fertilization but helps a couple in spontaneous achieving of pregnancy. The procedure is simple, safe and often successful in helping the infertile couple. We believe that this method, as well as all other methods of infertility treatment, may be carried out only after the complete diagnosis of the infertile couple, in order to avoid certain complications (such as extrauterine pregnancy), and only when a doctor’s opinion is that the chances of success of this method are satisfactory ( to avoid wasting valuable time of the patients to less successful procedure for them). Insemination is indicated primarily in patients with infertility of unknown origin, but also in patients with a mild form of male infertility, ovulatory problems, lack of spontaneous ovulation, in cases where there is the presence of antibodies to the sperm, problems at the level of the cervix, and numerous other conditions.

This procedure can be performed in a spontaneous cycle or in a cycle with certain slight stimulation of ovulation in women, which we usually prefer as it gives a greater chance for success. The procedure is performed after the appropriate preparatory studies when therapy to stimulate ovulation is determined. Development of follicles is monitored by ultrasound and hormonally, and then, in a certain stage, ovulation is triggered. The act of insemination is performed at this stage, which can be compared with a regular gynecological examination by the inconvenience. Under the speculum, through the cervical canal, sperm solution, which is previously prepared and processed by reproductive biologists, is injected in order to select the best sperm in the most appropriate conditions, in order to facilitate an opportunity for the realization of pregnancy.

Upon completion of the procedure, patients have advised not hibernation, but on the contrary, continued the effort on spontaneous pregnancy. In the stimulated cycle, a success of the procedure, according to the relevant professional literature, is 10-15% per cycle. It is mainly advised performance of 3-6 cycles of insemination. To selected couples, this gives a greater overall opportunity for the realization of the pregnancy in this way, than if they had undergone one cycle of in vitro fertilization. However, if the pregnancy is not happening in this way, we believe that the couple should be promptly suggested of the possibility of in vitro fertilization.




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