IVF with own oocytes + PGS


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  • Initial consultation with a fertility specialist (personal doctor and medical coordinator who will be in constant contact with you at all stages of your treatment).
  • The personal coordinator will accompany you at the clinic for all procedures and manipulations as well as assist in organizational issues.
  • A personalized program of hormone stimulation – designed individually for each patient.
  • Ultrasound monitoring of ovarian stimulation.
  • Hormonal monitoring of ovarian response.
  • Egg collection under general anesthesia.
  • The semen analysis and sperm preparation.
  • Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).
  • Embryo culture.
  • Biopsy of up to 5 embryos for PGS test.
  • Embryo freezing.
  • Embryo thawing.
  • Embryo transfer.
  • Detailed embryological development report and photo of transferred embryos.
  • Assistance with visa applications, hotel, and travel arrangements.
  • 2 Airport Transfers and complimentary city tour with a guide.
  • Patient support during and after the treatment program.

PRICE from: 3.700 EUR (2 embryos) – 6.680 EUR (5 embryos)

Success Rates


age < 35 years


age 35-40 years


age > 40 years

* Clinical pregnancy rates depend on age and ovarian reserve, the patient’s individual response to the treatment and genetics

PGS for 1 embryo is 650 EUR

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