Please complete this Form by filling all the required data. All the personal data you disclose to Clinic in this Form it is cosidered confidentioal and is protected against misuse under the law. We will only use your personal data for our needs and will not provide them in any form to another person.

The information in the Form is of high importance for us and it will help the physician in designing the best treatment option for you.

You can fill in document on your mobile phone as well.

Molim vas napišite nam podatke o vašim ranijim IVF pokušajima / Please tell us about your previous IVF treatment attempts.

Molim vas navedite uzroke neplodnosti ako su vam poznati / Please indicate your infertility causes (if known)

Godine majke / Advanced maternal age
Muški faktor / Male factor
Nepravilnosti rada imunog sistema / Immune system disorders
Oštećenje jajovoda / Damage to fallopian tubes
Problemi sa hormonima / Hormonal causes
Endometrioza / Endometriosis
Posledice ranijih operacija / Consequences of previous surgeries
Urinarne infekcije ili infekcije reproduktivnih organa / Infections within urinary and reproductive organs
Anatomske abnormalnosti / Anatomical abnormalities
Neodgovarajuća težina / Improper body mass
Bolesti metabolizma / Metabolic diseases

Da li imate u vašoj porodici neke nasledne poremećaje ili probleme sa fertilitetom? / Are there any hereditary disorders or fertility issues in your family?

Hematološke ili neurološke bolesti / Hematological or neurological diseases (Huntington`s chorea)
Psorijaza / Psoriasis
Dijabetes / Diabetes
Rak / Cancer
Problemi sa štitastom žlezdom / Thyroid failure
Ankoreksija / Anorexia
Albinizam / Albinism
Daunov sindrom / Down syndrome
Celijaklija / Celiac disease
Galaktosemija / Galactosemia
Anemija / Anemia
Zečija usna / Cleft lip
Hemofilija / Hemophilia


Molim vas napišite za koje ste IVF programe zainteresovani? / Please tell us about which IVF programs you are interested in?

IVF sa PGS / IVF with PGS
Garantovani IVF program sa povratom novca / Guaranteed IVF program with money back system
Kombinovani program sa sopstvenim i doniranim jajnim ćelijama / Combined IVF with own and donor egg cells
FET - program sa transferom zamrznutih embriona / FET - Frozen Embryo transfer

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