The 10 steps off Surrogacy

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How does everything work?

When you decide to take part in our Surrogacy Program and clear out all the issues, that are interesting for you, we start your surrogacy journey together. Your steps:

  1. Establishing legal relations between the parties. You will only need to provide your passports, marriage certificate with an Apostille and confirmation of your diagnosis.
  2. Selection of the surrogate. Our coordinator will help you find the best candidate upon your individual requests. In cooperation with First Egg Bank, we also help to choose high-quality egg donors with the best matching characteristics in case of need.
  3. After confirming the surrogate, the doctor synchronizes the cycles of the Intended Mother (or donor) and the surrogate and plans the stimulation. The protocols are chosen to base on individual conditions of the patient, according to the most modern medical standards.
  4. Egg retrieval. At the day of egg retrieval, the Intended Father needs to provide a fresh semen sample. The embryologists fertilize the oocytes and store them in a special environment, so they develop to the stage of blastocysts.
  5. Embryo transfer. The doctor transfers up to 2 embryos to the uterus of the surrogate and if there are more embryos – they are frozen.
  6. Pregnancy confirmation. In 14 days after the transfer, we perform the HCG level test, which shows us whether we achieved pregnancy. In two weeks more we perform the first ultrasound, where we can see the number of fetuses and heartbeat(s). From this day pregnancy screening begins.
  7. Pregnancy. During all the period of pregnancy, the surrogate is under constant care of the doctor and her medical coordinator. Every 2-3 weeks she comes to the clinic for the regular check-ups. She receives a recommendation from the nutritionist and is supported by a personal psychologist. During pregnancy, you constantly receive information on the visits of the surrogate in English, the photos and videos from ultrasounds are forwarded to you too. And if you want to come to the ultrasound exam in person – you are cordially welcome! You will have a possibility not only to meet and speak to the surrogate mother but also visit the 3D ultrasound scan and meet your baby even before he/she is born!
  8. Genetic testing. On week 11-13 we perform a combined test, on week 16-18 – triple test. These tests allow calculating the risks of such genetic diseases as Down, Edwards and Patau syndromes and defects of the neural tube.
  9. Childbirth. Starting from week 35 in case of one baby and week 33 in case of twins, the surrogate is under additional control of the obstetrician who will be delivering the baby. After delivery, the surrogate and the baby are discharged from the hospital after 3 days in case of natural delivery and 6 days in case of Caesarean section.
  10. Legal process. The final step of the program which includes obtaining a Ukrainian birth certificate. In case of necessity, our lawyer can help you with the preparation of all necessary documents for confirmation of child’s registration and citizenship at home country of his/her parents.


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