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6 May 2019 IVF

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What kind of Egg donation programs does exist?

There are several IVFs with treatment options with donor egg cells depending on your health situation, budget and time you have.

The fertility clinics offers for IVF treatment with donor egg cells may vary. Usually couples who have a problem with infertility can choose between several IVF programs and can find the following options:

IVF with fresh donor egg cells – the recipient’s cycle is synchronized with the drug donor cycle. After taking, donor egg cells are fertilized with sperm obtained from the recipient or donor partner. During the endometrial preparation, sufficient thickness of the endometrium is obtained and after a few days the embryos are transfer.

Positive aspect – a wide choice of donors, potentially multiple embryos, high rates of pregnancy.

Negative aspect – it must be coordinated with the donor (its menstrual cycle and availability), the whole procedure takes longer than frozen egg cells and is usually more expensive, sometimes donors are not immediately available.

IVF with frozen donor egg cells – Donor and recipient cycles are not synchronized. After hormonal stimulation and collection, the collected egg cells are frozen. The recipient decides when she is ready for treatment. On the day of egg retrieval, the partner gives the sperm (or the couple can use sperm donors). After fertilization of the egg cells, embryos are grown and after a few days they are transfer to the recipient’s womb.

Positive aspect – it’s a faster process compared to a fresh-egg cycle. There is a wide choice of donors whose frozen eggs are currently available. You do not have to coordinate with a donor, it’s usually cheaper than a fresh-egg cell cycle.

Negative aspect – if the frozen material is properly defrosted, it is slightly less successful than in fresh cycles, however, it depends on the experience of the laboratory staff for the IVF.

IVF with frozen embryos (donation of embryos) – an infertile couple undergoing an IVF process sometimes has more embryos than they need, so they can donate that excess embryo to the embryo bank and thus donate them to another couple.

Positive aspect – not expensive, rates of pregnancy are the same as in fresh IVF cycles, but with better rates of success for women aged 35-37 years and just 40 years ago, about half of the cost of IVF with fresh eggs using less drugs and less stress (without stimulation) about the development of embryos and the problem of embryo growth.

Negative aspect – very low availability of embryos in banks and clinics.


Link4MED offers you all three types of donor packages, and as the most affordable egg donation program with frozen egg cells, we offer you the Budget egg donation program, with the price of 2,950 EUR.


If you decide to become a user of this program, the hospital guarantees you:

• 12 mature egg cells and at least one blastocyst for transfer

• there is no waiting list for eggs, the program can start as soon as you are ready,

• the ability to individually select an egg donor online, from our donor catalog that has over 500 donors of a different phenotype.

For more information about most affordable Egg donation program in Europe, please contact us for your FREE individual Treatment plan.



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