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We are not doctors – we are medical tourism facilitators. We focus on demands and requirements of patients who wish to get a treatment abroad. We offer non-medical services and support, we take care of logistics and let you keep your focus on medical treatment.

Our connections with the most prestigious medical institutions, medical centers and clinics, hotels and other tourist service providers abroad enabled Link4MED to become a leading mediator in the programming of medical services and the organization of your further personalized travel and arrangement.

Need a Specialist?

Having a problem with insufficient knowledge of a foreign language? Don’t have enough self-confidence or time to research the foreign treatment clinics you need?


What are all the services we can provide?

  • We will help you choose the right treatment for your needs from a range of treatments from several countries and clinics.
  • You will receive all program descriptions, contracts and approvals in your language
  • On your behalf, we will provide complete communication with foreign clinics. We will translate your medical results.

We provide fast and clear access to hospitals and doctors, airport pickup and drop off, accommodation, translation services, transportation to and from medical appointments, pre-travel requirements. Link4MED provides assistance with organizing your flight and obtaining visas if needed.

Link4MED is providing full assistance to the patient who is traveling abroad for medical treatment. Our aim is to make medical services easily accessible to consumers.


OTHER services

  • Airport pickup and drop off
    Professional driver will pick you up by car or a van at Belgrade airport and take you to destined location – city where you chose to have your medical treatment. You will be dropped off to Belgrade airport at the end of your stay in Serbia.
  • Reservation of accommodation
    We will assist in choosing a hotel/ apartment/hostel for you and your companion.
  • Contact with Link4MED by phone
    We are available to provide information by phone.
  • Protocol of your stay

You will receive a program of main activities of your stay.

Link4MED aims to make your stay abroad comfortable, safe and entertaining, according to your individual needs. Our services are designed to address the international patient, we help you with adaptation to being in another country and we ensure that, beside your medical treatment, you get maximum support and comfort.

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