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It does matter which doctor will work on your case and it does matter which embryologist will decide about your embryos.


Individual treatment plan

Each couple has a specific health history and experience in previous attempts of IVF. Only the individual approach is correct.

Several specialized hospitals

We cooperate with several hospitals in Ukraine, Russia, Greece and Cyprus that specialize in egg donation programs. Special programs for women age 40+, women with low AMH, and more.

What is Egg donation?

Egg Donation is a process in which a woman takes the donor’s eggs to fulfill her desire to become a mother. Donor egg cells combine with sperm partners to create embryos. Embryos created in this way are then returned to the patient in order to achieve a long desired pregnancy.

As such, the Egg donation allows the miracle of life to happen to women who can not otherwise be made to be mothers.

What are the benefits of IVF with donor egg cells?

IVF supported by donated egg cells is for many women the only way they can be mothers.

It is much more likely that pregnancy will be achieved and maintained with donated egg donor cells, which is sometimes twice as young as the patient. This procedure also reduces the majority of risks that accompany women’s pregnancy in later years, and also reduces the need for genetic testing, as embryos have already been genetically tested. Both the patient and the donor are exposed to the minimum amount of hormones, which is primarily the basis for a healthy fetus or a baby.

Each couple is specific and that is why we nurture
individual approach to patients


Egg Donation in 5 steps

1 step: Egg Donor Matching

If you contact us via email, we will send you an access to an Egg donor bank with more than 450 available donors who have undergone medical examinations. When choosing a donor, our coordinator will confirm your donor’s eggs availability within 24 hours and reserve it for your needs. You can also send us your donor requests and our coordinator will provide you with several egg donors that correspond to the submitted requests. After choosing a donor, we will provide you with a list of reviews and analyzes that you need to do before joining the program.

2 step: Egg donor hormonal stimulation and patient uterus preparation

Until the egg donor passes hormonal stimulation of the ovaries, the patient receives the preparation of the uterus for the reception of embryos. As a patient you will receive drugs that will prepare your embryo for the uterus, we will send you what dose you need to take and control the preparation process remotely. All you have to do is to do ultrasound imaging and send the images to the doctors of the hospital where you will do IVF.

3 step: Egg retreival

During this step, the donor’s egg cells are retreived and fertilized with the partner’s sperm. Now the partner needs to visit the hospital in order to give his sperm sample or transport his frozen sperm sample to the hospital. Our courier can visit you and take a frozen sample. After fertilization, embryos are cultured for up to 5 days when they are ready to be transferred to the patient’s womb.

4 step: Embryotransfer

During this step, you need to visit the clinic for 2 hours. You need to fill your bladder and you may eat and drink before the procedure. Embryotransfer is a procedure during which embryos are returned to the uterus via a thin catheter under ultrasound control. The procedure is safe and painless and is done without anesthesia.

5 step: Pregnancy test

Two weeks after embryo transfer, it is recommended to do a pregnancy test (HCG test). If it’s positive – then you’re pregnant. Your doctor will prescribe the medicines you need to take for the next two weeks to ultrasound to determine the cardiac function of the fetus.



“I did a lot of research before choosing Ukraine to do IVF at your hospital. I was really nervous, but the whole process went very lightly and pleasantly. You have great staff at the hospital! I will monitor a pregnancy at clinic at home, but would love to be able to bring your wonderful nurses and doctors here! I salute you so much!”

Mary G.

“2 beating hearts, 2 gestational bags, 2 perfect little embryos that are exactly the size they should be. I’m still in shock but I’m HAPPY!”

Miša and Nataša

“Thank you very much Dr. Ulliana, we managed from second time, but at least we finally found out what was the cause. I’m so happy, my words can’t describe it! Your team is wonderful and so caring, just keep making beautiful babies, you are so good at it, trust me our people need you. Best regards

Marija V.


What kind of EGG DONATION PACKAGES we can offer?

We work with clinics in Ukraine, Russia, Greece and Cyprus that have over 15 years of experience working with egg donation programs. Those clinics have theirown egg donors who have all undergone detailed medical examinations and their own frozen egg bank, and theirown sperm donor banks.

What are the indications for the use of egg cells donated by another woman?


  • Reduced ovarian reserve (AMH level decreased, number of antral follicles reduced)
  • PMO syndrome or premature menopause syndrome
  • Poor reaction or the outcome of the reaction to hormonal sitmulation
  • Patients’ ovaries have been damaged or removed (radiation treatments or chemotherapy due to cancer treatment)
  • Genetic or chromosomal abnormalities



We are extremely excited to inform you about our Budget Egg Donation Program with vitrified donor oocytes for just 2.950 €. You have the perfect chance to choose immediately available oocytes from our own extended Egg Donor Bank that includes over 5.000 oocytes from the wide range of donors and start the treatment program for an exclusive price!

You will be provided with the access to the Egg Donor Catalog and all necessary information to start your journey to parenthood.

We Guarantee:

– 12 mature donor oocytes and at least one embryo transfer blastocyst

– there is no waiting list, individual donor selection is enabled

Success rate:

59% The rate of clinical pregnancy

Egg donation

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