Egg donation programs



The success rates of IVF programs with donated oocytes in IVF clinics is the most popular way of choosing the ideal place for infertility treatment – but unfortunately, not the wisest.

In fact, when choosing IVF clinics, it would be best to pay attention to understanding the IVF procedure itself. Patients should be aware that the success of IVF treatment is the sum of various factors and circumstances, only a few of which depend on the clinic itself. What depends on the clinic itself is the safe experience and professionalism of the clinic’s medical staff as well as the IVF treatments offered that allow for certain types of programs for certain types of patients (with lower or higher chances of successful pregnancy).

However, in most cases, the outcome of treatment is influenced by each patient’s individual situations, their condition, and medical history. Patient’s age, genetic factors or various reasons for infertility play a crucial role in determining the success of IVF with both in-house and donated eggs.


It is highly recommended that you do your own research before selecting the best clinic for Egg Donation programs. Analyse all the medical and psychological aspects of Egg Donation treatment and decide if you are financially prepared.


Contact the coordinators of the clinics you are interested in personally and discuss your own views on the success of IVF and everything else that interests you. When talking to clinic representatives, always pay attention to their relationship with the patients and the flow of communication you have with them – it is as important as the clinic’s location or the type and quality of service it offers.




Comparative analysis of legal aspects of Egg Donation programs


Comparative analysis of our Egg Donation programs

Egg donation

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What else do I need to know?

What characteristics of an egg donor can be selected?

Usually these are eye and skin color, blood type, height and weight, and in some cases education level, and some other interests. See the table for more information about our programs.

Are there clinics that specialize in Egg donation programs?

There are clinics that have been involved in egg donation programs for over 15-20 years and are certainly experienced in the work. Also, some of these clinics have specialized programs for women over 50 years of age.

Is an IVF program with donated eggs different from an IVF program with own eggs?

Yes, there is a difference in the way the patient prepares for the program – in programs with donated egg cells, women undergo significantly lower hormonal stimulation, which this time is done only to achieve a certain thickening of the uterus to receive the embryo.
In all other respects, the IVF procedure with donated oocytes is no different from that of its own oocytes.

What does a patient's hormonal stimulation look like?

Usually, uterine stimulation is performed with hormone medication in tablets and you do not need to inject yourself.
As with hormonal stimulation with your own eggs, ultrasound scan of the uterus must be done several times during stimulation.

How long does uterine stimulation last?

Uterine stimulation usually lasts 10-14 days.

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