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It is our great honor to say that Link4MED is the exclusive representative of Estetik International, established in 1999.

Founded as a superior aesthetics and beauty centre by world renowned doctor Bülent Cihantimur. Op.Dr. Bülent Cihantimur and his team offer our patients the most advanced and effective cosmetic treatments, helping them achieve their desired results, passionately for the past 20 years.

Estetik International is one of the best, respected and recognized health group, in Turkey and awarded multiple certificates of quality, in the field of health.



Aesthetic Treatments

Check out some of aesthetic treatments Estetik International can offer you.


Facelift operations, also known as rhytidectomy, are performed at Estetik International by using different methods and techniques. Spider Web aesthetic, also known as thread facelift, is more effective than traditional facelift technique and has many advantages thanks to shorter recovery period. As your face will have a tighter and younger look after thread facelift, this procedure has become the most preferred method of the recent years. In facelift operations, fat can be injected to necessary areas by using Cihantimur Fat Transfer system. Your doctor will decide which facelift technique is suitable for you and continue with the operation accordingly.

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Eyelid Surgery
The eye and the eye area is the area where the person focuses while listening someone. Eye lids is one of the areas we observe the most while looking at mirror during our daily routine. We notice signs of aging in the eye and we feel unhappy because of the intense, sad and sleepy image that develops with age. This situation, which is caused by the loss of form of the eyelids, changes our vision and tired and unhappy expression reduces the aesthetic appearance of the face.

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Spider Web Technique

Polydioxanone threads, which are being used in surgery for years, and thin needles to place them under the skin are used for Spider Web aesthetic procedure. These medical threads have no side effects on the body and they are woven like a spider web under the skin using very thin needles. The main principle of spider web aesthetic, which can be defined as non-surgical thread lift procedure, is an action mechanism that re-stimulates the collagen production of the body to compensate for the decreased collagen.

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Lip Enlargement

Lip enlargement is one of the aesthetic applications that contribute to the beauty of face. The plump, voluminous and fresh lips are at the top of the aesthetic elements that have been favored and attracted since ancient times. The four most important regions of the face – hair, eyes, skin and lips- should be attractive and harmonized to increase the charm of individual.

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Neck Lift & Beatufication
Neck area is among the initial areas where aging is felt initially. Also, we can observe neck sagging on young persons due to genetic reasons or due gain/ loss of weight. Some of the main issues of neck extensions operations are loose, dimmed balloon images, excess fat textures, gravelled muscle structures, turkey neck deformities and distinctive double chin structure.

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Brazilian Butt Lift
Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), also known as Brazilian Butt Aesthetic, is preferred for people who wants to have younger looking, distinct hips and a correct body profile. Your own fat is used in this surgical procedure and this is the most natural way to augment your hips. In Brazilian Butt Aesthetic, they transfer the fat collected from your regional fat depositions in the purest and most suitable fat-stem cell composition possible. This helps to achieve the longest lasting result.

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Liposculpture, a painless liposuction, is a contour correction operation that is constantly confused with but technically different from liposuction. The liposculpture, which many individuals consider as a method to lose weight, provides correction only in problem areas. Liposuction means fat absorption and liposculpture means correcting the fat tissue and shaping aesthetically. Liposculpture operation is completed by shaping the body after removal of fat by vacuum from different body regions such as back, waist, belly, inside of legs, inside of knees, under jaw.

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Fat transfer
Op. Dr. Bulent Cihantimur developed this method known as Cihantimur Fat Transfer System in the medical literature and quoted in many academic articles as a result of his studies on fat In Cihantimur Fat Transfer, the fat received from the patient’s body are injected into the other area is needed. The difference from conventional fat transfer applications is that the collected lipids are stored in a closed lipocide system, preventing the contact of collected fat with the air.

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Post Bariatric
You have lost the weight now, but what happened to your skin? Sagging, loss of form and accompanying shape and aesthetic concerns create a new problem? Thousands of people suffer from such problems after weight loss, and fortunately, body shaping surgery helps to give your body a more natural look.
After weight loss, body shaping surgery performed different procedures for countless patient problems, and we shared the concerns of many of our patients with these surgical procedures and witnessed changes before and after. For this reason, we understand you and your concerns very well.

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Breast augmentation operations are interventions that increases breast volume or correct asymmetry problem. Form loss may occur in breast tissues due to weight gain and loss, and problems after pregnancy or breasts may be extra small from birth. Adding aging and gravity to these over time, apparent reduction and sagging may occur in the breasts. Breast augmentation can be performed to solve all these possible problems and you can have your desired breast size.
Breast Augmentation surgeries are one of the procedures that the patients are most satisfied with. Thanks to the advanced technology, patients are highly satisfied as they can see their naturally and symmetrically augmented new breasts through 3D simulation before the operation.

Check out our Breasts package

Hair transplataion
Hair Transplant  can be defined as hair follicle transfer. Hair Transplant  is the transfer of hair follicles collected from denser hairy areas (nape and sides) to the sparse areas. Hair Transplant  is a highly preferred and permanent method as it provides natural and healthy results. Hair Transplant  also resolves various psychological problems and social introversion caused by hair loss.

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Why "Estetik International” Health Group?

The physicians and staff are experts in the field of aesthetic surgery field, especially under the guidance and direction of renowned surgeon, Dr. Bülent Cihantimur,The professional health personnel and employees make up a comprehensive and knowledgeable team of 150 people skills in the aesthetic surgery field,

Hair Transplantaion, Cihantimur’s Fat Transfer System, Simple Nose Aesthetic, Trigger Finger’s treatment without Operation… And many more

Customer services where you can get clear and all-encompassing feedback. Spider Web Aesthetic, Organic Hair Transplantaion, Cihantimur’s Fat Transfer System, Simple Nose Aesthetic, Trigger Finger’s treatment without Operation… And many more. All these applications and techniques are the result of a clinic-wide focus on promoting the comfort, quality, and humanity of every patient’s needs and wants. We always aim to be the best in the industry, pulling out all the stops to maintain this stature.

Estetik International, which was founded with the utmost attention– the name itself even took one year to be decided on– in 1999, today experiences the pride of being a branded health group with superb results all while also serving internationally.

How the "FUE Hair Transplantation” is performed?
Fat tissue obtained own body of the patient is processed and enriched adipose tissue derived stem cells with the Cihantimur Fat Transfer Technique which uses closed circuit system. The recipient area that the “Organic Hair Transplantation” will be performed is sterilized and the mixture containing adipose tissue derived stem cells is injected to the area. The volume of the scalp is increased and nutrition process begins. Meanwhile hair grafts are extracted the donor site with use of micro bistoury.

The extracted hair grafts then classified according to their types and prepared for the transplantation process. In order to get the most natural result the angles of the hair canals are determined precisely. The donor site is dressed after the “Organic Hair Transplantation” process is completed which will be removed the following day. The recipient area is left as open.

How Long Do Breast Silicons Last?
Lifespan of Breast Augmentation Silicon implants varies from person to person. If the patient is happy the look and there are no changes, they can continue to use. With the new advanced technology, manufacturers offer long lifespans and this can be even extended to whole life. The most important thing here is the satisfaction of the patients with their looks.
If the patient is happy with their look, they can be sure that silicon is healthy and staying well in its place. If there is much activity due to sports or lifestyle, then appearance-wise problems may emerge within 10-15 years. In such cases, necessary interventions can be made and revised and patient satisfaction can be restored. Although not as frequent as in the past, such secondary surgeries can be performed when deemed necessary.
Why you should have butt aesthetic?
Everybody who complains about the look, position, volume and tightness of their hips, who has uneven fat distribution in the hip area due to frequent weight gain or loss, and women who are uncomfortable with the look of their hips after childbirth are good candidates for butt aesthetic. You don’t have to live with an undesired shape and volume. Do not forget that this problem has a natural-looking, simple and effective solution! This is the most advanced method used for fat transfer to butt. This method provides a very soft and natural look. At the same time, as the transferred fat is patient’s own tissue, there is no risk of rejection.
How fat transfer is performed?
A flawless filling can be performed with fat cells? Instead of using artificial and synthetic fillings, the use of a fat filling suitable with the tissue which is taken from the patient’s own body, gives the patient an advantage in every respect. However, in today’s classic fat transfer applications, during the absorption of fat, the adaptation of the transferred fat cells into the climate conditions is not considered.

Collected fat cells are deprived of oxygen and most of the stem cells become inactive. The closed system used in Cihantimur Fat Transfer method ensures the vitality of stem cells and enables collection of more fat. This ensures that the cells remain alive and adhere on to the transferred area immediately.

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