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Why do I lose my hair?

Hair loss is a completely natural process in which the body can not restore hair independently any more. When the body’s capacity to restore the lost hair is exhausted, and when there is a significant loss of hair, then this situation can be called a problem for treatment and treatment.

What can be transplated?

  • hair
  • a beard
  • eyebrows
  • eyelashes

Who can have a problem?

  • men
  • women
  • people with genetic predispositions for hair loss
  • people who are unhealthily eating
  • chronic patients

What is a Hair Transplatation?

Hair Transplatation is a surgical technique that moves individual hair folicles from a part of the body called “donor site” to bald or balding part of the body known as the “recipient site”. Grafts containing hair follicles that are obtained from genetically resistant to blading areas are transplanted back to the bald scalp by the lates minimally invasive techniques.

Which hair transplatation methods exist?


  • Separation of the follicle (graft), collected by dissection of the scalp between the two ears as a tape, under the microscope.
  • This method is rarely or not at all desirable with the development of the FUE method. The reason is that in the FUT method, the scars remain in place and the desired number of follicles can not be collected.
  • This method uses a scalpel and a place that has been donorally sewn, and the scar is apparent after shaving.
  • Transplanted hair will never be lost anymore.


  • A method of collecting follicles one at a time from the area of hair between two ear or alternative areas using special heads of devices having a diameter of 0.70-0.80 and 0.90 mm using a micromotor
  • There is no use of scalpels at the donor site and no visible scars at the donor site – these are the biggest advantages of this method.
  • The FUE method can collect more follicles (grafts) and it allows natural and denser hair growth.
  • This method provides 3,000-4,000 follicles (grafts) in patients with average hair density.

How does the path to the head full of hair look like?


Send us a few of your photos showing the area need to be treated and the Patient Questionnaire filled in

Treatment schedule

You will receive an individual offer, an offer for accommodation and air tickets and a treatment schedule


The hair transplant procedure lasts for a maximum of 1 day and is completely painless.

Care at home

After treatment, appropriate treatment of the treated region with appropriate preparations should be carried out.

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