Unique methodology of ovarian rejuvenation

2 May 2019 IVF

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PRP method – rejuvenation of the ovary with blood plasma

Potential to produce healthy egg cells is limited in every woman. The reasons for postponing maternity in the 21st century is different – education is a priority, career or business, getting to know an appropriate partner later in life. Unfortunately, the ovaries have a limited reserve to produce healthy oocytes, and as the age of women increases, the number of egg cells decreases, while their quality decreases. There are also a group of patients diagnosed with premature cessation of the ovary and needing a solution.

Patients want to have their own biological child

Faced with the tendency of women to be older at the start of first pregnancy planning, and many patients who are unable to produce egg cells, doctors and scientists want to develop new techniques that will help create healthy eggs and improve the hormone and reproductive function of the ovaries. There are patients with early menopause, advanced maternal age, poor egg cell quality, low egg cell reserves, premature failure of ovarian function. All these patients want to have their own biological child.

Unique technique – rejuvenation of the ovaries by injection of PRP

One of the unique techniques in ovarian rejuvenation is a method of injection of PRP (platelet-rich plasma). PRP injections have been used clinically for many years in various fields of medicine – traumatology, surgery, burns, cosmetology, etc. The purpose of PRP is to activate growth factors and stem cells in the tissue in which they are injected. This can be done for any type of cell in the human body, including egg cells – plasma rich in platelets is a real biological impetus for this morphological change.

How the procedure of ovarian rejuvenation is done?

Any patient who wants to rejuvenate the ovaries should consult with our specialist for fertilization and to qualify for it. After initial consultation and collection of basic information about the patient, we will take out blood and perform an ultrasound examination, then the patient will be asked to sign the consent form and we will be ready to schedule the procedure.

For the procedure, the first step will be the preparation of a platelet-rich plasma rich in platelets. We will take out about 20 milliliters of blood, and then the blood will be processed in the laboratory to extract about one milliliter of platelet-rich platelets. This process will take several hours in the lab. The procedure of injecting blood plasma will be scheduled as soon as PRP is prepared. The doctor will use a small needle (a similar needle that we normally use to return egg cells) and under an ultrasound control will inject PRP that distributes material in a large area through the ovum. The procedure is performed under anesthesia.

In women who have no periods, the procedure can be performed at any time. In women who have a period, whether regular or irregular, the best time to do this treatment is during the menstrual period or early in the cycle (until the 10th day) before the development of ovarian follicle.

PRP therapy is a safe procedure because it uses its own blood of the patient, so there is no risk of infection or allergic reactions.

Who is qualified for ovarian rejuvenation (PRP)?

  • Women with premature ovarian failure (POF).
  • Women in menopause or perimenopause, less than 50 years old.
  • Infertile women older than 35 years, with low egg reserves and low AMH

This methodology you can implement as a preparation for IVF with your own egg cells and so drastically increase your chances of success and the production of healthy eggs.

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