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PhD Vesna Kopitovic, Medical Director


  • postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Novi Sad, 1990-1992, Group of Neuroendocrinology
  • specialist in Ob/Gyn since 1995.
  • Master of Medical Sciences, 15.04.1994. University Novi Sad
  • PhD thesis in Sterility, 25.12.2004. PhD, University Novi Sad
  • Associate Professor Ob/Gyn, 2005
  • Specialist in Fertility and Sterility since 2006
  • Professor Ob/Gyn, 2014
  • 2012 – 2016  a member of the Government of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina, as Ministry of Health, Social Policy, and Demography, simultaneously employed at the Clinical Center of Vojvodina as a specialist obstetrician-gynecologist



European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology ESHRE
Serbian Society for Gynecological Endoscopy UGES
European Society for Endoscopic Surgery ESGE
Serbian Society for Human Reproduction


Infertility and ART
Endoscopic surgery


Nominated in front of Scientific committee of ESGE for Educational Grant for 2004,  donated by the Storz company. Spent three months in Italy in 2004, in Verona and Bari with Prof Steffano Bettocchi and Prof Luca Minelli. The education has been in the field of Gynecological Endoscopy.
In 2008 completed the workshop „Train the Trainers“ in Leuven, Belgium in front of the EAGE president Dr. Rudi Campo, and has completed several training courses in Europe with dr Yves Van Belle.
Organizer of more than 50 Workshops, Symposiums and Congresses in Serbia through the continuing medical education, particularly in the field of gynecological endoscopy and the field of human reproduction. Organized and held training courses and practical work for more than 100 gynecologists at the University Clinical Center of Novi Sad in endoscopy field.
Lecturer and invited speaker in Serbia and abroad for more than 80 events.



  • Medical Director of Ferona Fertility Clinic and Chief of the Department of Endoscopy and IVF as of 1st of February 2017
  • The Chief of the Ward of Human Reproduction, Department of Obs. and Gynecol. Clinical Center of Vojvodina from 2006. until 1st of February 2017, employed for 26 years in the Clinical Center
  • Professor at the OB /GYN Medical Faculty University of Novi Sad until 1st of February, 2017
  • Professor at the European Center for Peace and Development (ECPD), University for Peace Established by the United Nations, Professor of Reproductive Health at postgraduate studies as of 1st of February, 2017


Publications: 120
Book chapters: 10
Editor of the textbook  2
Mentor in 15 completed and defended graduate student work
Mentor in 10 Master thesis and 3 Doctoral dissertations.