What are the benefits of using Egg donation programs?

6 May 2019 IVF

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What are the benefits of donating eggs?

Donation of egg cells gives you a chance to start if you are not able to produce healthy egg cells by yourself . It is fast, has a high success rate and has a minimum
the risk of any genetic complications. It’s still the best an option for women over 40 years old who have tried unsuccessfully with an IVF other infertility treatments, and those with basal hormone levels of FSH over 15.
Egg donation can be a solution and recommends if you suffer from any inherited condition, premature menopause, you have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer, surgical injuries resulting in the production of low-grade egg cells quality or any egg cells, or are leading to loss of ovaries.
It is also recommended:
  • If other IVF treatments have failed.
  • If you are suffering from inherited disorder and there is a risk of its transmission.
  • You are in your forties and you have a small chance of success with own eggs, quality that has decreased with age
  • If there are high risks of genetic disorders

Other benefits of using an Egg donation

The benefits are not related to health – however, they still affect the health and emotional well-being of the child and mother:

  • You will experience the pregnancy completely, with all her blessings and mother’s feelings
  • You will control the aspects of life important for baby development, such as food, smoking and drinks. Adoption and surrogate do not give you this option.
  • If a sperm is applied by your partner, the child is a biological one.
  • You can breastfeed which helps a natural relationship between mother and child.

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