• Serbia follows European Community Health Standards

    As a country engaged in European Community Health membership talks, Serbia has updated her health standards according to European Community Health Standards.


  • Same treatment for 40-50% less including the traveling costs

    Serbia developing country where it is possible to get the same quality services as in Europe for much less. Our medical education is aligned with universities in Western Europe and USA.


  • Max 2 hours from any European Destination

    It takes at most 2 hours flight trip from London to Belgrade, from Madrid to Belgrade, from Paris to Belgrade, from Milan to Belgrade.

Why to consider Serbia?

Country with Big heart!

Serbia has a long tradition of welcoming healthcare tourists to their country. As far back as Roman times, people have been coming to Serbia for the thousand or more natural mineral springs and medicinal mud baths. Today there are more than three hundred and fifty thermal springs in over 50 resorts, all offering a huge range of complementary treatments.

Situated in the heart of the Balkans, Serbia is bordered by Hungary to the north; Romania and Bulgaria to the east; the Republic of Macedonia and Albania to the south; and Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro to the west.

The country’s capital, Belgrade, was titled ‘City of the Future of South Europe’ in 2006. Although landlocked, Serbia has 2,000 km of navigable waterways on the Danube, Sava, Tisa and their respective canals, through which it forms part of a European canal network, connecting the North Sea with the Black Sea.

Private clinics are at the forefront of a Serbian initiative to attract foreigners with cheaper medical treatment and other benefits, like discovering the country’s sites or visiting its numerous thermal SPAs.

Despite its turbulent recent history, Serbia is a friendly, welcoming place to visit, with much to offer those with the open mind and sense of adventure to give it a try.

Novi Sad

Novi Sad

Located on the way between Belgrade and Budapest, Novi Sad is a perfect stop for everyone who enjoy the Central European vibe and wants to relax from the hustle and bustle of capitals. Numerous and various historical and cultural monuments of Novi Sad are on the streets and squares in the old center of the town, that is also commercial and tourist center of the city and a pedestrian zone which stretches for about 500 meters.

Check out Lonely Planet Guide and TripAdvisor for more information about Novi Sad!

Serbia has enormous potential to become one of the leading countries on the world map of health tourism. It is estimated that all costs, including treatment, medical care after the surgery, travel and accommodation, cost as much as a third of the cost of operations in Western Europe. Therefore, for the foreign patient is worth to finance the trip and treatment in Serbia, and in addition to know the culture and rest. Pleasant and hospitable people, delicious food, natural resources, SPAs, clean air, rich and dynamic history, are content that should attract foreign patients in Serbia.

While the Serbian healthcare system may still be struggling, facilities for overseas visitors are top quality. Healthcare tourism is still in its infancy in Serbia, but it is growing rapidly, with expanding facilities to match including clinics for cosmetic surgery, dentistry, fertility treatment and weight loss procedures. Prices are still relatively low, to attract business and establish Serbia as a major healthcare tourism destination, with savings of around 50%-60% compared to other European countries or the United States.

Combine this with stunning country retreats, where you can recover and recuperate amid fresh air and beautiful scenery, and you have the perfect recipe for a great value treatment trip.

Serbia offers about 2,000 different medical services, whether are they examinations, diagnostics or medical interventions of varying complexity. Serbia has doctors and medical workers who provide health services to the equally high, professional level as well as in other countries. Our doctors are trained and many of them additionally studied abroad.

Serbia offers about 2,000 different medical services, whether are they examinations, diagnostics or medical interventions of varying complexity.

There are hospitals that can meet the requirements of each patient. Medical documentation that hospital provides is an extensive, detailed, harmonized with the medical-legal aspects, and a patient safety is the most important.

Leading Cities for Medical Travel

Novi Sad, Belgrade, Niš

Time Zones

GMT +2

Country Dialing Code




Approximate Currency

1 Serbian Dinar (RSD) equals 0.0084 Euro


Serbian, Bosnian, Croatian

Visitors Visa for Serbia

Check the goverments official web page

Find out which Serbian embassy is responsible for your area. Confirm with them directly whether you need a visa to visit Serbia or not.